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directdirect-home-new_03 DirectHID is your absolute authority for hid conversion lights, xenon hid light bulbs, led automotive bulbs & led lighting bulbs. DirectHID offers free shipping where ground shipping is available in the United States. We offer 1 year warranty on our hid light kits. Our hid driving lights are easy to install and include an instruction booklet. We accept all major credit cards via PayPal and Google Checkout. DirectHID is an authorized online distributor for KelvinHID & KelvinLED products. We’re a proud member of the SEMA organization and a PayPal verified business. Need help with your purchase? Or have questions regarding xenon hid lights or led bulbs? Call one of our hid lighting specialist today at 1-877-953-0516.


FAQs – Automotive HID Lighting

Common HID lighting questions & answers

High-intensity discharge bulbs or headlights produce light through an electric arc situated between tungsten electrodes located inside the bulb instead of standard filament. These lights are similar to neon signs and require an electrical ballast to reduce the voltage and regulate the current while producing a steady output of light. HID lights have increased visibility which makes driving at night much safer.

The Kelvin (K) degree scale refers to color temperature. The heat of the electric arc or filament is measured in Kelvin and HID lighting burns hotter than other bulbs, resulting in a bluish-white color. On average, Kelvin HID lights utilize only 35 watts of electricity. These lights consume three times less energy and are much more efficient compared to standard halogen bulbs.

HID bulbs normally last from 2500 to 5000 hours. Surprisingly, that is over six times the lifespan of traditional halogen bulbs. With such a long life expectancy, HID bulbs only need changing every four to six years.

There are various HID conversion kits available for consumers to install as DIY projects. Since there is no heavy modification required, the process is fairly simple and a quick upgrade for car enthusiasts ranging from novice to expert. Please seek guidance from your local automotive professional before attempting any modifications on your own.

Depending upon your state of residence, DOT guidelines and regulations may vary. Vehicles that are equipped with HID lighting systems directly from the factory are DOT approved. In many regions, aftermarket HID kits are labeled for ‘off-road’ or exhibition use only. To avoid violating traffic laws or incurring future traffic tickets or vehicle inspections, please review the legal requirements for HID lights in your area before modifying your vehicle.

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